More than Just a Workout

Accountability with FoodView

Our vision for the Strong is Hard Challenge is a lifestyle update starting with consistent healthy habits.

Yes – doing ALL THE things is challenging.

Next level – proving you did all the things!

We introduce to you FoodView – a picture diary of your day with Strong is Hard.

Doreen’s FoodView

To level up accountability, this link will be on the Ranking page for all to review.

Get started –

  • Please download the free app on your phone

Get Foodview Android App

Get Foodview Apple App

  • After you install it will ask if you want reminders
  • We highly recommend these, as this new super habit is easy to forget
  • Next in the lower right click “MORE”
  • Next click “Share”
  • Please agree to Foodview Online
  • Click on slider to “Save to FoodView Online”
  • Click on “View & Back-up photos online”
  • The link should look something like this
  • Send a copy of this link to

The Ranking page will show your name with a link, to your FoodView.

As always we are open to comments and suggestions.

Thank you for beta testing Strong is Hard Challenge with us.