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More than just a workout
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More than just a workout
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When most people think about why they work out or should consider working out, it is typically to achieve weight loss, increase strength and mobility, and improve nutrition.  But for many, it is  a combination of all of these.

What many may not realize is that you can achieve those, but that is just the first step.  Maintenance is where many struggle to hold themselves accountable.  This applies to both the physical and mental aspects of maintenance – how should I move – what should I be eating.

For many who have worked out for any period of time, their story tends to change as their mind, body and spirit change.  Perhaps one area of fitness that is often overlooked is your trainer’s ability to help and support change.  The relationship that Studio Strong’s trainers offer is very much on a personal level as they get to know you, and you get to know them.

How to Pick a Trainer

Questions to consider…


We are thrilled that you are considering choosing a personal trainer.

It should be your decision when choosing a fitness journey partner,

Here is a FREE downloadable checklist of questions to use when interviewing.


Our expert




Fitness Trainer

Angela is known for her proven, caring, and knowledgeable approach


Fitness Trainer

David is known for his challenging, detailed, and tips-and-tricks approach


Fitness Trainer

Doreen is known for her fun, energetic, and edgy approach

Kenric Lynn

Fitness Trainer

Kenric is known for his adaptive, nurturing, and questioning approach

You run an a well rounded, top notch business, that focuses on the whole person

Hi There! I wanted to say thank you, sincerely for the birthday flowers and client appreciation gift from Studio Strong.

You run an a well rounded, top notch business, that focuses on the whole person, meets clients where they are and motivates them to achieve their “individual” goals.

I’ve REALLY appreciated the guidance and expertise that Angela has shared over the last year. Lord knows my goals changed from time to time, but she never failed to accommodate and motivate!

Top notch trainer! Thanks so much for being a driving force in guiding your clients towards embracing healthier habits, strong bodies, and mindsets!

You are AWESOME! Keep it up …one body at a time! 💪

Shaun H

Great Trainers, Lovely Facility

Schandalette L

Simply the Best

Greg D

Down Over 175 Pounds and Counting

Studio Strong has been with me every step of the way, especially during those times when I was just done with the journey.

Megan B

Always amazing!!

Kris E

You won’t find a better gym atmosphere!

Anne T

Always Fun

Always make workouts fun and challenging. Modifications are always given. During this trying time still giving us ways to work out!

Dan D

😊 Love it!

 Awesome trainers, great equipment, very clean and a welcoming aesthetic 😊

Sarah K

Love you 😍

This is an amazing gym. The professionals are amazing.

Lelio C

The staff was very nice and very knowledgeable

Lilia F

Doreen is absolutely amazing!

She’s patient, yet pushes you to be your best!

Penny B

Doreen and Dave have helped me lose over 100 pounds

And continue to keep it off with their help and support. I can’t Thank them enough, it’s been an awesome journey

Scotty D

Great, welcoming space!

So convenient with this O’Fallon location. The trainers here are fantastic and will meet you at any step in your health and wellness journey. Would recommend to all!

Laura R

Studio Strong has been part of my life for 3-4 days a week for the past 3 years.

The support, friendship and kick in the butt I need have allowed to be feel better, mentally and physically, than I have in years! Dave and Doreen are invested in each and every clients well being. Great place for anyone in the Belleville, O’Fallon, Fairview area!!

Cherri L

5+ year Journey

Studio Strong has helped me through my personal fitness journey for 5 years now. Doreen is so willing to meet my scheduling needs when life gets busy which helps me to stay on track. Without Studio Strong I wouldn’t have been able to achieve my goals.

Erica L

Are very, very good at what they do

You can take a class, join one of the groups, meet with a personal trainer, or throw some life coaching in as well. I was able to work with Doreen and Dave as we moved across the country and back with the military. They do a fantastic job at a whole life approach to health and fitness. I was able to meet my health and fitness goals and have maintained it for two years. I know they are always available for support if I need it. Just wished I lived closer to take advantage of more classes.

Brooke D

I’m close to my 3 year Trainaversary

I still look forward to my time with her each and every week!! I feel better than I ever have and down over 45lbs. Looking forward to see where the next 3 years take me with her help and coaching.

Darlene C

What is my word limit for this review?

I could literally write a novel about all the amazing experiences I have had through reformed fitness! It’s so much more than two passionate, amazing trainers. It’s a network of people. I’ve made friends and relationships that support healthy lifestyles and they have evolved over the past 5..6..7 years. Dave and Doreen are hands down the BEST!!!

Rachael H

Studio Strong is a non-judgmental gym where the trainers actually care about you!

They each take a special interest in your life and help motivate you to achieve your gym and personal life goals. Trainings occur with very few people around and in a cozy space which really helped me feel comfortable. Dave and Doreen have made working out enjoyable and fun for someone who hated the idea of workouts for the longest time. You may arrive cranky, but you will absolutely leave smiling! I recommend them to anyone looking to step foot in a gym for the first time ever or those just wanting to improve their fitness routine.

Rebecca B

Doreen is an amazing trainer!!!

If you are looking for someone to partner with you to achieve your goals, Doreen at Reformed Fitness is the trainer you need! From day 1 Doreen focused on my goals and tailored each and every workout to my specific needs, goals and capabilities. She did a thorough initial assessment and does periodic planner assessment to check progress. I used to dread going to workout, now I actually look forward to it, the workouts are fun and engaging. Highly recommend Doreen for personal training and if you need extra incentive or boost to mix it up they always have a challenge of the month going to keep you motivated.

Kim B

We are passionate about


One-on-one sessions at our private gym in O’Fallon, IL

Choose from a variety of group exercise classes where we mix social with fitness.

We love the weekends Events include hiking, kayaking, rock climbing, and more.

These are fun and help a lot of our clients stay motivated, especially those with a bit of a competitive spirit, and require enrollment and some additional cost.

Bring fitness to friends and family. Expand your support together.

In addition to monthly and quarterly assessments, we encourage you to engage outside of the gym in personalized daily movement or nutrition check-ins to advance your healthy lifestyle.



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