More than Just a Workout

Studio Strong New Client Experience

When Interviewing Trainers and Viewing the Facility – The Studio Strong Experience

  • We understand we are one option for you to consider.  
  • At Studio Strong, most clients find us based on referrals and reputation. 
  • We typically first talk with prospective clients over a brief call. You can gain additional information from this call to determine if we might be a good fit with no commitment or sales pressure.
  • Good fit? Then we set up an initial on-site visit. Again, there is no commitment, and we view it as you gathering information to make an informed decision.
  •  During the initial in person meeting, you get to see the clean facility, the well-maintained equipment, learn about additional services included in the training, and what expectations we have for each other.  
  • Decision time, weigh your options. If you decide Studio Strong is not your best fit, we would be happy to suggest local facilities based on our conversations.

Things to know about Studio Strong

  • All trainers and facilities are insured and certified.

  • We offer a team approach to training and many enjoy having multiple trainers. Read More

  • Our time in the gym is short, so we like to have accountability outside the gym with additional workouts and nutrition check-ins. Read More about Accountability

  • We celebrate you in many ways on your fitness journey; birthdays, personal records, making goals, completing check-ins, and trainaversaries are just a few. Read More About Celebrating You