More than Just a Workout

Strong is Hard

As the year draws to a close, it’s time to envision your new fitness and wellness journey. Introducing the Strong is Hard Challenge! Starting January 1st, 2024, prepare for a life-changing experience that will unlock your strongest, healthiest self in the year ahead.

What is the Strong is Hard Challenge?

More than a fitness program, it’s a holistic path to lasting well-being. We combine physical strength with mental resilience, focused nutrition, and unwavering commitment.

Why Join?

  • Comprehensive Support: We provide everything you need to succeed, from personalized workouts to nutrition tracking and mindfulness practices
  • Community: Join our supportive social community and find motivation in shared successes with our friendly competition format
  • Two Workouts: Choose a focused elevated heart rate and then add another workout later in the day
  • Mental Wellness: Build mental resilience through anchoring and gratitude journaling
  • Nutritional Focus: Optimize your water and protein intake for a healthier, more energized journey
  • Daily Accountability: Stay motivated with our daily check-ins, making every day count

What to Expect

  • Strength, endurance, and flexibility gains
  • Weight loss
  • Mindful nutritional habits
  • Enhanced mental resilience
  • Friendly competition and bonus prizes
  • A supportive community dedicated to your success

Friendly Discounts:

Invite friends and family – you both get $20 off! =>

Next Step: Sign Up!

Join the challenge at, be part of the community, and level up your life with our friendly competitive format. Secure your spot today with a one-time $195 buy-in.

Current Studio Strong clients get the reduced pricing of a one-time $135 buy-in.

Let’s Get Strong, Together!

Start the new year with a powerful commitment to your health and wellness. Together, we’ll prove that being strong is hard but it’s incredibly rewarding. Mark your calendars for January 1st, set your intentions, and get ready for an extraordinary journey.