More than Just a Workout

Drivers Start Your Engines

Here is the workout and the categories to win in

  • Most Spirited Performance – High Octane Hustle – #HighOctaneHustle
  • Best Race Themed Decor while Working out – #SpeedwayStyle
  • Viewer’s Choice – Crew Chief Pick

Film then post your video to instagram and tag with #PitCrewPowerup, #StudioStrong, and your choice of #HighOctaneHustle or #SpeedwayStyle

Here is the timer – 5 exercises for 30 seconds with 4 Pit Stops at 15 seconds -> Get to the finish line

Hit Play on the video above AND record on your camera before you get started with these exercises

"Crankshaft Crunches" - Traditional crunches, but imagine your body as a dynamic engine crankshaft. Work your abs by lifting your shoulders off the ground and driving them towards your knees, then smoothly lowering back down.
How to do crunches 

"Turbo Tire Push-ups" - Push-ups: Picture the might needed to change a tire on a stock car at record speed. Turbo Tire Push-ups replicate this energy as you push your body off the ground, strengthening your arms and core.
How to do push-ups

"Racing Rhythm High Knees" - High Knees: Capture the fast-paced rhythm of a race with this cardio-charged exercise. It's all about speed and agility, just like a pit crew member darting around during a pit stop.
How to do high knees

"Overdrive Burpees" - Burpees: Just as a race car driver kicks it into overdrive, these full-body exercises require quick, explosive movements. Drive your body into high gear with a squat, a plank, and a jump all in one swift motion.
How to do burpees

"Chassis Wipers" - Ab Wipers: Like a pit crew member maneuvering in tight spaces, these twists engage your core. Picture yourself twisting to different parts of a car with a wrench in hand, tightening the bolts of your fitness goals.
Hot to do wipers

To the timer’s cue, complete the 5 exercises in either with the Most Spirited Performance or Best Race Themed Decor

Recording & Workout Completed – Next – Share your Victory Lap

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*Complete and post your challenge by June 10th to be eligible prizes(click yellow link)