More than Just a Workout

Strong is Hard Day 20

Step OneCalculate your Target Heart Rate
  • 220-Your Age next multiple that number by 70%
    • Example 220-48=172, next 172x 0.7=120 beats per minute

Step Two – Start Your Fitness Tracker / Watch to measure your heart rate

Step Three – Pick Your Timer Below choose Standard or Advanced. When the timer begins, do the warm-up in Step Four



Step Four – 2:00 minute Warm-up – 20 seconds each exercise listed below (demo video linked below):

Squats, Reverse Lunge. Leg Kicks, Slow Burpees, Jumping Jacks, High Knees

Step Five – Do the exercises in the infographic below for Workout Part A – 2 Sets of 6 Exercises – (Let’s Move 1 means Exercise 1)

Do each exercise for the duration of the timer, NOT reps as shown

How to Videos: Calf Raises, Goblet Squats, Side Bends, Flutter Kicks

Step Six – One Minute Water Break

Step Seven – Do the exercises in the infographic below for Workout Part B – 2 Sets of 7 Exercises for the duration of the timer

How to Videos: Squats, Burpees, Push-Ups, Jump Squats

Step Eight – 3:00 minute Cool Down 30 seconds each exercise belowexercise infograph here

Overhead Tricep, Arm Across, Standing Knee Tuck, Bent Forward Hamstring, Side Lunge, Forward Lunge Overhead Clasp

Last StepSecond Required 30 Minute Workout Options:
  • The second workout is done at least 2 hours after first workout
    • Avatar Upgrade – Darbee Workout Progression
    • Outdoor Walk / Run
    • Indoor Cardio i.e. Elliptical, Bike, Treadmill, Mountain Climber
    • Ball Sports, i.e. basketball, racquetball, pickle ball
    • Swimming

🙏 Thanks to Kim B ❤️ for her help in making these instructions MUCH clearer!