More than Just a Workout

Transform Your 2024: The Strong is Hard Challenge Revolution

We are thrilled to welcome you to the Strong is Hard Challenge community! 🎉 Your commitment to a healthier and stronger you is inspiring, and we can’t wait to embark on this transformative journey together.

Here’s the comprehensive overview (bookmark this page):

Fresh Start and Final Finish

Daily Accountability

  • Your journey begins with daily check-ins—a simple yet powerful tool for staying on track
  • With each check-in you move yourself up the competitive ranking
    • You will see your ranking after checking in
  • Optional reminder check-in texts can be sent at 8pm nightly with link directly to check-in form. Please text “Strong” to 314-310-0114 to get started
    • Texting set-up with simple reminder to check-in (and can change time – text back “timechange”)
  • Complete 85% of possible points for a bonus reward at the end

Daily Double Workouts

  • Experience the effectiveness of dual daily workouts, designed for simplicity and maximum impact
  • Choose one workout that targets your heart-rate and the second to target your strength or gets you outside
  • (Target Heart Rate (THR) is calculated by 220-age x 0.70)
    • For example 50 year old is 220-50=170 then take 170 x .7 = 119 THR for at least 1/2 hour workout
  • We have a collection of 60 pre-designed heart pounding workouts that you can incorporate, or make up your own. The choice is yours.

Mindfulness Practice

  • Embrace daily moments of mindfulness with our Anchor Thoughts & Gratitude journaling, keeping your wellness journey refreshingly simple.
  • Start your day with an Anchor Thought. This will be your daily focus. Don’t worry, we can help get you started
  • Evening reflection includes journaling your gratitude and your day’s progress

Protein Intake

  • Track your protein intake—aim for half your body weight in grams daily. It’s a straightforward goal with profound effects
  • You can exceed your protein grams, as that will help keep your fats and carbohydrates lower

Hydration Goals

  • Stay refreshed and focused by meeting your daily hydration goals—half your body weight in ounces of water. This is the minimum daily measurement. It is allowed to exceed half your body weight

Comprehensive Support

60 Days of Focused Commitment

  • Your journey is a simple equation: 60 days of unwavering commitment equals lasting transformation.

Buy-in Details:

  • Amount: $195
  • Discount: Each friend saves $20, and you save $20 for every friend

Payment Methods:

Get Excited!

We can’t wait to officially kick off the Strong is Hard Challenge. In the meantime, if you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to reach out to our dedicated support team at

Stay tuned for updates, and get ready to achieve your fitness goals in 2024.

Once again, thank you for joining us on this straightforward yet incredible journey.