More than Just a Workout

Welcome Our Newest Trainer: Sarah Kassel!

We are thrilled to welcome Sarah Kassel to the Studio Strong family! Sarah officially joined our team in May, bringing with her a wealth of experience and a genuine passion for fitness.

With over 20 years of dedication to her own fitness journey, Sarah has consistently participated in a variety of classes and workouts to maintain her health and wellness. She recently completed her certification and participated in the NASM 8-week “gymternship” right here at Studio Strong.

Sarah has been a valued client of Studio Strong since January 2021, and now she’s excited to collaborate with our trainers as a fellow staff member. When she’s not inspiring clients in the gym, Sarah loves embarking on long-distance biking adventures with her husband.

We are incredibly excited to have Sarah on board, and she can’t wait to start working with you! Whether you’re starting a new fitness journey or looking to take your current routine to the next level, Sarah is here to help you achieve your goals.

If you’re interested in training with Sarah, she is now available to take on new clients.

Welcome to the team, Sarah! We can’t wait for our clients to meet you and experience the incredible energy and expertise you bring to Studio Strong.