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Step Challenge Buy-in

Final Steps to Get Moving!

Thank you for registering! We’re still gathering participants, so spread the word and get ready to step up your game this September.

Keep yourself accountable and motivated to move more this month.

—– Details and FAQs —–

Section Estimated Daily Step Count Breakdown

  • Footprint Freshmen: Fewest Steps (usually 0 to 4,000)
  • Pathway Pioneers: More Steps (typically more than 4,000)
  • Milestone Makers: Even More Steps (often more than 7,000)
  • Marathon Masters: Most Steps (generally over 9,500)

The buy-in is $60 for the challenge, and you can quickly earn $10 before you even begin!

BONUS: For every family member or friend you bring on board, you get a $10 credit and your friend/family gets a $10 credit. To join the challenge, each participant pays the $60 fee, and we’ll distribute all credits on or before Day 5 of the challenge.

Step counting kicks off on September 1st and wraps up on the 30th.

We’re partnering with a third-party app to track steps and maintain updated rankings, ensuring a fair competition. You’ll need to sync your device (all major devices are supported) daily by midnight. Failure to sync daily will result in immediate disqualification for that week, and your buy-in will be forfeited.

WEEKLY Prize Breakdown:***

  • Marathon Masters: $35 for 1st place, $30 – 2nd, $25 – 3rd.
  • Milestone Makers: $30 for 1st place, weekly.
  • Pathway Pioneers: $25 for 1st place, weekly.
  • Footprint Freshmen: $20 for 1st place, weekly.

*** Once we reach 24 participants, 2nd place prizes will be awarded, and 3rd place prizes will be distributed at 36 participants.

Bonus prizes for best weekly photo and for top overall stepper!

—– FAQs —–

  • How are the weekly winners determined?
    • The winners are determined by the total number of participants and their respective step counts. Participants are grouped into sections based on their weekly step rankings. For instance, if we’re awarding only the first place in each section:
    • The 1st place winner will be the participant with the highest number of steps for that week.
    • The next winner will be the participant ranked at the 5th position in step counts.
    • Following that, the winner from the next section will be the one ranked 10th in steps.
    • Lastly, the winner from the final section will be the participant placed 15th in the weekly step rankings.”
    • This system ensures a fair distribution of prizes across different activity levels.
  • Is there a an overall prize?
    • We will be awarding the overall top stepper an additional $60 prize when they complete all four weeks of the challenge.
  • Are there any other prizes?
    • Each week we will be holding a photo contest and the winner each week wins a $15 prize. Photos need to be posted in the assigned post on our Studio Strong Facebook page.
    • Week 1 – Walking Buddy Picture
    • Week 2 – Best Nature’s Beauty or Urban City Scape Picture
    • Week 3 – Most Decorated/Entertaining Water Bottle Picture
    • Week 4 – Craziest Outfit Worn While Walking Picture
  • Third-party app details?
    • The Countit app works natively with most fitness trackers. We will send details over as we get closer to the start date. You’ll sign in and grant permissions for the app to access your step data for the week & month.

Got more questions? Shoot them our way, and we’ll provide answers for you and all participants.

Buy-in Details:

  • Amount: $60

Payment Methods:

  1. Venmo: @Doreen-Warfield
  2. CashApp: $ReformedFitness
  3. PayPal: Send Money (Sending to a Friend Only – No Fees). Instructions here. Email:
  4. For locals: Cash or Check

More than just a workout!