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FREE March Madness Challenge

Who is up for 21 days of bracketed fitness fun? Keep reading, see details below….

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We pulled together another FREE challenge just in time for all of you March Madness lovers.

Will you dominate your division? Work through each round by completing exercises divided out in our four “brackets.”

We leveled up the challenge with prizes!

We have partnered with Stay Pressed Juice Co. to add extra incentive to push through each round to the Final.

What’s the prize?

You will receive a coupon code that is good for one item up to $9. You can redeem your coupon by April 17th.

(***This coupon expires, so plan a visit to Stay Pressed Juice Co. within 14 days. Also, you must present the text message with your unique code to redeem the prize.***)

Once you sign up, you will have access to the detailed bracketed fun!

Each morning we will text you the link for that day’s round of competition. You will only be given that day’s competition exercises. No cheating!

If you need clarification on performing the exercises, a video demonstration will be available for your reference.

We will complete each day by checking your progress via a text message.

By completing the daily text, Studio Strong will keep your streaks going and progress you to the next round. Completing 80% of the challenge and daily check-ins leads you to the final prize.

If, for any reason, you need to change the time of delivery of the text messages, you are also able to do that easily.

So, Are you ready for the madness?
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