More than Just a Workout

Step Challenge Details

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Planning to walk this September? Why not get healthier, put your best foot forward, and earn while you amble around?

Thank you for your interest in our 4th annual Step Challenge.

This year, we’re double shaking things up!

  • Inside of this month-long challenge, we’re breaking it in to four separate weekly focuses throughout September. This means more chances to win and more motivation to keep stepping!


This year, we divide wining based upon four sections of total participants.

Section Names:

  1. Marathon Masters – Top Steppers Section
  2. Milestone Makers – Top Middle Section
  3. Pathway Pioneers – Lower Middle Section
  4. Footprint Freshmen – Lowest Section

Know your standing every day; nothing is hidden, we use the Countit app to make sure everyone is on the same page and knows how they rank.

Sign up for the challenge here =>

Let’s talk MONEY! Prize money

More steps = more money. And now, with four separate contests, you have more chances to win!

For each 7-day contest:

  • Marathon Masters winners bank $35 for 1st place, each week.
  • Milestone Makers winners bank $30 for 1st place, weekly.
  • Pathway Pioneers winners can look at taking home a 1st place prize of $25.
  • Footprint Freshmen 1st place can net a cool $20.

But Wait, There’s MORE (Prizes and Discounts)

Number of prizes:

More participants = more prizes

  • 12 total participants required to have the step challenge
  • 24 participants total we add a 2nd place for each section;
  • 3rd place added at 36 participants, and
  • 4th place added at 48 participants, and so on…

Sign up today =>

Friendly Discounts:

Invite your friends and family and get a $10 discount for every friend you invite who joins. AND your friend gets a $10 discount too =>

***The discount is awarded on or before the 5th day of the challenge as a credit back.

Next steps: Sign up for the challenge here => and then send your buy-in of $60.

Next, next step: On August 29th, we will send the link to sync your device so you can get the 411 on your competitors through the Countit app.


P.S. Any additional questions? Just hit reply and send us an email at

More than just a workout!