More than Just a Workout

Strong is Hard Gratitude

Here are some examples of gratitude statements and tips for making them more meaningful:

Basic Gratitude Statements:

  • I’m grateful for my loving family.
  • I’m thankful that I have a roof over my head and food to eat.
  • I appreciate having a job to provide for my needs.

Why Make Gratitude More Meaningful? 🙏

Practicing meaningful personal gratitude statements trains our brains over time to tune into the positive and block out the negative. By choosing gratitude, we see more reasons for happiness in our lives. Studies show gratitude supports increased joy, resilience, better relationships and improved mental health.

Here is How –

  • Be specific – Rather than “I’m grateful for my family,” say “I’m grateful for my sister Alice who always listens when I’m struggling.” Specifics make it more personal.
  • Focus on people’s actions – Express thanks for the time and effort people put in rather than just traits. “I’m thankful to my mentor Jill who meets with me weekly to help me develop professionally.”
  • Use gratitude to reflect on blessings – Both major blessings and small joys deserve reflection. Don’t just be grateful – think about why.
  • Recall specific challenging times – Reflect on how you’ve overcome them thanks in part to personal strengths or support. Gratitude emerges from difficulty.
  • Appreciate the little joys – Every positive experience from seeing a stunning sunset to having a belly laugh with friends is worth gratitude.
  • Consider how you’ve grown – People or experiences that have led you to grow expanded your worldview or develop new skills deserve thanks.
  • Use vivid sensory details – Describe smells, foods, feelings, sights that make revisiting the memory richer.