More than Just a Workout

Give Thanks for Health: A New Tradition for Thanksgiving Leftovers

Thanksgiving is a time when we express gratitude spend time with loved ones and enjoy meals. After the feasting we often find ourselves with plenty of leftovers, which we typically store in containers and reheat using microwaves. However lets consider starting a tradition this year that not values our health but also takes care of the environment.

Hidden Costs – The convenience of using plastic containers for our feast routine might come at a hidden cost. When we heat up our Thanksgiving favorites in plastic we may unknowingly introduce chemicals, like BPA & Phthalates into our leftovers. Unfortunately these chemicals have the potential to leach into our cherished food when heated.

Enter in Mr. Yuk – These tiny particles of plastic can have implications for our health if ingested. Microplastics and nanoplastics can cause inflammation, oxidative stress and even cell death within our bodies. Additionally they are known to interfere with hormone function and act as hormone disruptors. This disruption has been linked to health issues such as infertility, thyroid disorders, developmental problems in children, immune disorders, metabolic diseases, different types of cancers and changes in behavior.

During this season of gratitude and reflection on blessings received in life let us extend this mindfulness to ourselves by considering alternatives for storing leftovers.

One option worth considering is investing in glassware for storing and reheating your Thanksgiving leftovers as it provides an alternative, to plastic containers. Not only does it ensure the purity of your food. It also preserves the flavors in a way that plastic cannot match.

Good Start – Place your leftovers on an glass plate before reheating if you find yourself unable to avoid using plastic.

Even Better – Become an expert in meal preparation during the Thanksgiving weekend. Divide your leftovers into containers such as glass or ceramic and relish in meals that carry the essence of the holiday.

Bestest – Spread awareness among your guests about this tradition. By educating loved ones on transitioning from plastic to glass or ceramic, you multiply the impact of your choices.

Lets raise a toast to new traditions!

As you take pleasure in the morsel of pumpkin pie this Thanksgiving reflect on the legacy you are creating. Lets make this holiday more than gratitude; lets make it a call to action. Transforming how we handle our leftovers is a choice for well being.

This Thanksgiving let us embrace change and inspire others to do so as well.