More than Just a Workout

Outlive – Healthspan, Living Optimally

In March 2022 I came across Peter Attias book titled “Outlive; The Science and Art of Longevity” while enjoying my vacation and listening to it on Audible in August 2023.

After reading the chapter I realized that Mr. Attia perfectly encapsulates what we, at Studio Strong refer to as living a healthy lifestyle. He calls it “healthspan.”

The books introduction focuses on optimizing “healthspan,” which refers to the quality years of a life than just extending ones “lifespan.” It highlights the prevalence of diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and Alzheimers (referred to as the “Four Horsemen”).

Attia argues that of viewing these diseases as diagnoses (yes or no) they should be seen as spectrums. Many individuals who fall below thresholds are still not functioning optimally. Therefore he suggests adopting an approach by preventing decline than merely treating diseases. This involves evaluating risks tailoring plans according to needs and emphasizing lifestyle factors.

Like the age question of when is the best time to plant a tree. 20 years ago. Attia emphasizes that efforts towards longevity should ideally begin at a young age like in ones twenties. Nevertheless he also believes that now is a moment to take action and make changes, towards health and longevity.
The book urges readers to create plans, for enhancing their physical and emotional well being with goals, strategies and actions. Consistency is key in this endeavor.

When it comes to preventing diseases and extending our healthspan in the term there is no definitive scientific research available. To piece together the puzzle we rely on studies of people who live past 100 years animal models, investigations into risk factors and disease mechanisms among others. It’s impossible to achieve certainty; instead we strive to reduce uncertainty by thinking about risks.

In summary this book offers guidance on maximizing our healthspan through personalized strategies for longevity based on scientific knowledge despite the lack of conclusive research. The main focus is on not living but also living optimally.

In the coming months I will explore ideas and concepts related to improving your healthspan.

Until then I encourage you to consider adding this book to your winter reading or listening list. Its detailed content provides a understanding, than any summary can offer.