More than Just a Workout

Vacay Better

Written by Staff Trainer – Angela Fitch

How to Stay on Track on Vacation

You have worked so hard for the upcoming vacation. Why should all that work be erased by reverting to comfort habits during vacation? Take what you have learned about your journey with you wherever you may go. 

Here are some tips on how to stay on track while on vacation:

Keep Movement Goals the Same

Go Adventure – Pick a destination with plenty of outdoor activities for the whole family, such as hiking trails, white water rafting, amusement parks, zoos and museums, beaches, water parks, tours, concerts, or festivals.

Create Commitment – Purchasing tickets ahead of time helps keep the commitment to the movement goals and quality bonding with family.

Fitness Focus – Plan on how and where you will get your movement in. Some way to do this would be to book a resort or hotel with a fitness center. If this isn’t an option, then do a little research for local fitness centers nearby where you are staying. Often 24/7 fitness centers will sell a weeklong pass to get your movement in when it’s convenient for you. Don’t forget Studio Strong offers online fitness classes so that you can take your workouts practically anywhere! Meditate, stretch, exercise, and walk around the grounds or beach before the day’s chaos starts.

Take Toys – If planning on staying on the beach, bring some activities to enjoy with the family. Throw a frisbee, sand volleyball, or walk on the beach with the teenager you rarely get one-on-one time with.

Keep Nutrition Goals Within Reach

Planning out your meals beforehand sets one up for success. Failing to plan is planning for failure. 

Meal Aware – Plan meals and snacks ahead of time. Just like picking outfits to put in the suitcase, pick out some meals and snacks to help you stay on track.

I Spy Restaurants – Check out the restaurants nearby through their website. Look at the menu and plan what you will be eating. Focus on getting all your protein in. 

Protein Up – Benefits of keeping up with protein:

– Reduces appetite and can help prevent overeating

– Increases Fat burning-protein has a higher thermic effect on food versus carbohydrate and fat sources.

– Helps rebuild muscle

– Helps minimize cravings

Breaking Up – For larger meals, consider splitting meals or boxing up some leftovers to help with portion control.

So Extra – Using supplements such as protein powder, pre-workout, etc., consider bagging single servings into sandwich bags.

Keep a Positive Mindset

Vacations should be time for relaxation and family, but it doesn’t have to roll back all your progress. You can maintain or even continue your progress with a little extra planning and focus. Think of it as an ‘active recovery.’

You Time – Vacations, although they should be relaxing, can also be very stressful. Take time for yourself every day.

Start Your Engines – Start the morning with a sunrise stretch, meditation, a walk on the beach, or yoga.

Reflect for Your Future Self – Bring a journal to jot down your day, the highs, the lows, the funny stuff, and not-so-funny, what you are feeling, or what you saw.

Get Lost – Bring a book to read on the beach or listen to a new audiobook or podcast.

Sing Along – Create a vacation playlist to listen to.

ZZZZZ’s – Get a good night’s sleep between 7-8 hours.