More than Just a Workout

March Madness Details

Thank you for showing your interest and signing up!

If you haven’t done so, please read about the Challenge Overview here

Next step, we want to get you activated.

Please text “Madness” to 618-360-7114

We’ve run over one hundred challenges through our texting apps.

Registering is important because that is how you know the workout of the day and it is how we track your progress to determine prizes

  • Our texting app assigns the workouts each morning
  • In the evening you receive the daily check ins
    • On your honor, you verify with us you completed the workout
    • As you progress through the challenge you will notice you have streaks and total completed days
  • Prizes are awarded to those who complete 80% of the challenge days
    • This is a coupon good for one item valued up to $9 at Stay Press Juice Co

While you wait for the challenge to start, you can check out our prize partner – Stay Pressed Juice