More than Just a Workout

March Madness Wrap-up

The March Madness Exercise Challenge has wrapped up!

Thank you for participating. When we launched, we didn’t realize it would be literal madness. Thank you for your patience. 

We want to congratulate the 19 people who completed 18 days or better of the 21-day challenge! What an achievement, especially as the brackets narrowed to the winning exercise.  

The winners will get a text message with a Stay Pressed coupon for an item up to $9. 

Listed in order of total days completed – 

Kimberly, Nick, Samantha, Jenna, Michelle, Barbara, Wendy, Darlene, Teresa, Kristen, Kim, Sarah, Doreen, Iris, Rachael, Debbie, Kimberly, Jenni, & Angela

Congratulations to Michelle D and Nick B for guessing the winning exercise. And a special shout out to Rachael H for correctly guessing the final four and bracket winner! We will be sending Rachael a $20 Stay Pressed Gift Card.

Thank you for participating in the challenge. We hope it helped you establish healthy exercise habits that you can continue to maintain in the future. 

Have a fantastic April!