More than Just a Workout

Styku – More Than a Fancy Scale

What is a Styku?

Styku is a body composition analysis tool that uses non invasive 3D imaging technology to create a detailed picture of a person’s body shape and measurements.

How do I do a scan?

You stand on the machine as it slowly rotates you once in a circle lasting 35 seconds.

What does it measure?

The scan captures hundreds of measurements, including body fat percentage, body area circumferences, weight, and more.

What are the benefits of using Styku repeatedly?

  • Accurate body composition analysis: 3D imaging captures hundreds of measurements, providing a detailed and accurate picture of your body composition.
  • Personalized fitness and nutrition plans: The report can be used to create customized fitness and nutrition plans tailored to your specific body composition and fitness goals.
  • Track progress over time: Multiple scans can be used to track changes in body composition over time, allowing you to see the results of your fitness and nutrition efforts.
  • Identify areas for improvement: The detailed scans highlight areas where you may need to focus more attention in your fitness or nutrition plan.
  • Motivation: Seeing a visual representation of your body changing can be a powerful motivator to continue with your health plan.

What are some disadvantages of Styku?

  • Cost: Styku is an expensive machine. Scans cost $40 and are generally not covered by insurance. This may make them inaccessible to some people.
  • Limited availability: These devices are not widely available and may not be accessible in all areas. Studio Strong is a proud provider in the Metro-East St Louis area.
  • Accuracy: Scans are generally considered to be accurate, though not 100% precise in every case. Factors such as clothing, body position, and hydration can affect the results of the scan.
  • Body image concerns: Some people may feel uncomfortable or self-conscious about having their body scanned and analyzed in such detail. This may cause anxiety or body image concerns.
  • Lack of context: Though they provide detailed information about body composition, they do not provide context for overall health and wellness. Other factors such as sleep, stress, and overall lifestyle habits also play a role in overall health.