More than Just a Workout

The Personal Touch: Experience it at Studio Strong

At Studio Strong, it’s all about you. As a private personal training gym, we pride ourselves on taking a customized, individualized approach to fitness. You’re not just another number or client to us – we take the time to understand you and your needs.

Our trainers develop personalized workout plans tailored just for you. We listen to your goals, abilities, challenges and preferences. Then we design a fitness journey to help you succeed. Each session is one-on-one, so you receive complete attention and support.

You won’t get lost in a crowded class or compete for equipment here. Studio Strong provides a private, welcoming environment where you and your trainer can focus completely on your health and wellness. Our clean, well-equipped gym has everything you need for an effective workout. And the amenities make your experience even better.

Enjoy fresh, scented towels offered to you after each workout to freshen up, as well as luxurious cotton towels to use during workouts. Our fully stocked bathrooms ensure you have anything you may need. Additionally, your choice of complementary water is always available. And between sessions, we offer protein and energy drinks from our nutrition fridge.

At Studio Strong, we want you to experience training. Our trainers connect with you, motivate you, and help you become your strongest self. If you’re looking for a fitness experience with a personal touch, contact us today! It’s time to make your health and wellness goals a reality.