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Just Right Eating vs Clean Eatz: Meal Prep Services Compared

Just Right Eating and Clean Eatz are two popular meal plan services that focus on providing healthy, nutritious meals. Both offer pre-planned meals and meal plans, but have some key differences in their offerings.

Just Right EatingOffers Home Delivery or Pick up In Store

Just Right Eating provides structured weekly meal plans designed by chefs and nutrition experts. Plans include the 5-Day Basic, 5-Day Lunch+Dinner, and 5-Day Dinner Only. Customers can pick up meals locally at their Springfield and Edwardsville locations or have them delivered. Just Right Eating focuses on giving customers a wide variety of food choices to meet their nutritional needs. Meal plans range from $45-150 per week.

  • Vegetarian: Offers vegetarian meals as part of their regular meal plans.
  • Low Carb: Has specific low-carb meal options available.
  • Keto: Does not explicitly mention keto meal options.
  • Diabetic: Meals are designed to be low-sodium, heart-healthy, and diabetic beneficial.

Clean EatzPick-up in store only

Clean Eatz offers weekly meal plans with frequently changing menus focused on clean, balanced eating. Instead of meal delivery, Clean Eatz operates dine-in cafes and grab ‘n’ go meals that customers can purchase. Their meals are priced individually, starting at $7.99 each with discounts for larger orders. Clean Eatz provides education and support around nutrition, fitness, and healthy lifestyle changes.

  • Vegetarian: Provides vegetarian and pescatarian meals including sandwiches and wraps.
  • Low Carb: Has low-carb options in their Grab ‘N’ Go freezers and customizable plans.
  • Keto: Offers a dedicated Keto Diet Meal Plan to maintain ketosis.
  • Diabetic: Meals aim for balanced nutrition but does not specifically mention diabetic meals.

The Bottom Line

Both companies provide pre-planned, healthy meals to help busy customers eat better. Just Right Eating offers more structured plans with delivery and grab and go options, while Clean Eatz focuses on dine-in and grab ‘n’ go meals. Both share a dedication to making nutritious eating more accessible.

When choosing between the two, consider your goals, location, budget, and lifestyle. For locally delivered meal plans, Just Right Eating is a great option, while Clean Eatz is better for those who’d rather dine-in or take away prepared meals from their cafes.

Bonus Coupon Codes:

There are several discount codes available for both Just Right Eating and Clean Eatz.

  • For Just Right Eating, you can use the code ’50OFF’ to get 50% off.
  • For Clean Eatz, you can use the code ‘SLIVINSKI’ to get 10% off.
  • Keep in mind that these codes may be subject to change or expire, so it’s always a good idea to double-check their validity before using them.