More than Just a Workout

Free Challenge

Everyone likes a challenge. And what better muscle group to work than the cardio of the heart and that fabulous...

Self-Care – It’s Not Just a Buzzword

It is Love Love month! (aka – February) If any of you know Doreen at all, she loves love!! All things...

Hiking to Better Health, One Step at a Time.

Ahhh, the great outdoors. Time to get your adventure on and explore. We started the hiking group 8 years ago...

Styku – Craft Your Best Body

SEE THE DIFFERENCE IN YOUR BODY’S SHAPE IN 3D. Every story has a beginning. And we like to document it....


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Monthly Challenges

Join us for the Holiday Zero Challenge, gain Zero pounds from Halloween to New Years!


Let’s Go Hiking! Starting in November we prepare for our annual Hike 30K in March. Join us –