More than Just a Workout

Client Spotlight: Conquering Colorado’s Peaks

Three of our dedicated Studio Strong clients recently pushed their limits in Colorado Springs, showcasing the incredible endurance they’ve built through our training programs.

Day 1: Manitou Incline Challenge

Our intrepid trio tackled the infamous Manitou Incline, a grueling mile-long hike that climbs straight up the mountain. With an average grade of 45% and gaining over 2,000 feet in elevation, this is no walk in the park. But our clients powered through, reaching the summit and proving that Studio Strong training prepares you for any physical challenge.

Day 2: Garden of the Gods 10K

Not content with conquering just one landmark, these ambitious athletes laced up their running shoes the very next day for a 10K race through the stunning Garden of the Gods park. Winding through red rock formations and challenging terrain, they demonstrated that recovery and endurance go hand in hand with Studio Strong training.

We’re incredibly proud of these clients for showcasing their strength, determination, and the results of their hard work at Studio Strong. Their accomplishments remind us all that with the right training and mindset, we can achieve remarkable feats.

Keep pushing your limits, Studio Strong community!